Men Vs. X-Stitch

Well, a family member popped over and saw that I was cross-stitching and said I have to start wearing a skirt now and that rug hooking that “he” has done is acceptable for a man but not cross-stitching.

My wife challenged him somewhat and he tried to cover by saying, “if it makes you happy, you have to do what makes you happy”.

Hmm, at first I was taken back and wanted to put the new hobby down. But instead I have decided not to let anyone get in the way of the comfort and solitude I find in doing it. 
The lantern was probably going to be for him. NOT NOW! Unreal. Society says a straight man shouldn’t do certain things that only women or gay males would do. Why? I’m straight, have nothing against gays, and enjoy something my wife has been wanting me to do for several years.
It’s a head shaker.
Happy Neeldling! 

Distraught !!!

I am so distraught! I desperately needed one of those Q Snaps I believe they’re called. My wife said I have to call it a Q Snap and NOT a plastic square.

She has a spare one but won’t stay tight. That’s no good! 
Anyway,  I went to the local Walmart in search of one, now keep in mind that I live in transient town with no culture of 36,000 people. Walmart had nothing aside from a couple of patterns they had 11 years ago. Damn Wolves and Eagles. 
I lost it!! And my wife fricken giggled and said she couldn’t wait to blog that I was officially a “Stitcher”. 
One week, not even through my first project and because Walmart sucks, I’m a stitcher. 
Apparently the closest place I can buy one of these Q Snaps is 2 1/2 hours away. It’s a damn travesty. She (wife) bought me some felt to go under the snaps (that are NOT shaped like anything  that resembles a Q) to make it tighter until we go to the city. So I’m ok for now. Everybody keep Calm!
I also bought a needle with a bigger eye because I’m going blind at 43. Now my needle is bigger than hers! Baha!
Now I will return to the lantern! Happy Needling!

Lantern update

Moving right along. Lots of support from my wonderful wife (threadismytherapy)

This is where I am at with my first Xstitch pattern. And to all you ladies out there, no looking for mistakes. There are like.. a ZILLION of them. But my wife says I’m doing awesome for my first project. 



Had 2 FROGS show up. That’s what my wife ( #mythreadtherapy ) said it was.

Damn FROGS are NOT very nice!😡


This was my first Popsicle stick project. I finished it in two days. It was supposed to be a birdhouse, but somewhere along the way it decided to go in its own direction.